Wednesday, 15 May 2013

marco island real estate

Marco Island to live, work, or on vacation in a beautiful place. Southwest coast of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico is a beautiful, Sunshine State's famous Ten Thousand Islands, it is the largest (in fact, it is not comprised of 10,000 islands, but sounds impressive).

Nearly 100-mile-long chain of hundreds of islands and small islets in the area, Marco (as locals call it), it is a very special place to live, and is only 24 square miles. It is to live or own a second home in desirable location, although many factors, not least its white sand beaches and beautiful sea views this.

Since pre-Columbian Indians Calusa Island, has a rich history. Marco Island Historical Museum Calusas many of the problems have been preserved. Archaeologist Frank Hamilton Cushing in 1896 to find the legendary Marco Cat wood carving is not luck, it was quickly Washington, DC, was sent to the Smithsonian in.

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